Houston, TX

My buddy Bill once said:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Bill’s whole perspective is a bit dated…like 400 years so. A hot dog by any other name is fine — I am personally partial to Frank — but the name Happy Fatz is vital to this place. You certainly leave feeling a perfect balance of happy and fat. I usually just feel fat.

It is located in an awesome old bungalow in an awesome location (we’re house hunting…I would buy in this neighborhood for the eats even if it wasn’t charming). Parking isn’t the greatest, but when we came it wasn’t particularly busy, so we parked in the adjacent lot.

Everything here is good. I mean even the lemon-basil water is good. I’m not a noted sweets lover, but all the desserts look very good (I had a little sample bite of the mini oreo cheesecake. Very good indeed). I am planning to go back and have a cappuccino…and pair it with a delicious hot dog, of course.

On to the hot dog:
I had the Clucker- dericious dog w/ hash brown, bacon, grilled onion and topped with a fried egg. If you’ve eaten within the splash zone of me or read a few of my reviews, you know there are very few things I don’t think are instantly improved with the addition of a fried egg. This was fantastic.
Muneezeh K went the BYO route- Pretzel bun, Basil Mayo, grilled onion, relish. It was very simple and delicious. I preferred the comfort foodiness of the Clucker, but this was a dog, pure and simple. We each got chips which was a nice way to round out the meal, but maybe fruit would make me feel better.

Or maybe it would’ve thrown off the perfect ratio of happy to fat.

Houston, TX

You’re gonna love their wieners!  Every hot dog I’ve tried has been so good.  Skip a meal because these dogs are loaded and worth day dreaming about.  Recommend the Texas Chili dog!

Houston, TX

My first visit was wonderful! I came here in the middle of the afternoon with my boyfriend, and it was completely empty. It’s a quaint house, which made my boyfriend question the legitimacy of the restaurant. He thought a horror story would unfold once we went inside, but I had no doubt in my mind that this place would be awesome.

I ordered the Clucker, and he had the Lotus Blossom. We split our hot dogs. Clucker was amazing! It was like breakfast on a hot dog, and I already love breakfast. I love fried egg! All the yolk came spilling out once I split the egg. So perfect. The Lotus Blossom was something else. It was smooth to the taste, but I liked the Clucker better. The buns definitely added to the hot dogs in a good way. Thumbs up! As for sides, I had cole slaw which was alright. I’m not a fan of cole slaw to begin with. He had kettle chips, which he had a fancy for and we were told were from a bag. I would opt for fruit next time.

By the way, these hot dogs are not your ordinary market hot dogs. I think they’re quarter pound beef hot dogs. They will fill you up! We were considering getting another one to share, but we decided to save room for dessert, and thank goodness we did.

I had a slice of pecan pie cheesecake, and he had a slice of peaches and cream cheesecake. Both were pretty good, but I preferred the pecan pie over peaches and cream. We were so stuffed afterwards. My boyfriend was so full that I had to finish his slice of cheesecake, and he always eats more than me.

I would like to mention that the lady working the front was very amicable and sweet. I would definitely come back.


Houston, TX

Happiest Fatz indeed.

First of all, I like the fact that this place is a house turned into a cozy restaurant.  When you walk in, you feel right at home.  The staff is quite attentive and very patient as you decide on a specialty dog.  There are soooo many to choose from!   The name of each dog is so unique and creative.

I decided on The Clucker.  It comes with hashbrowns, grilled onions, bacon, fried egg (over easy) and their secret hot sauce.  I had the bacon replaced with avocados since everything on the dog was already pretty heavy.  They will replace any ingredient you want.  My order also came with a side of their homemade coleslaw which was dang good.  Definitely pass on the chips or fruit salad and try their slaw.

I couldn’t believe how huge my hot dog was once they served it to me.  It was ginormous.  HUGE.  The bun that they use for these dogs are to die for and every carb lovers dream!   I found out that they have them delivered from a specialty bread company.  The owner even said she would order me a batch if I ever wanted to host my own bbq.  I may consider buying some from her because they were so soft and fresh.

As you wait, you should definitely try their complimentary flavored water which they change up every day.  I had the berry blend with oranges.  It was so refreshing.

Come with an empty stomach or your loosest pair of pants b/c I guarantee you will be full!


Houston, TX

Happy Fatz is hands-down one of the best places in the Heights for an affordable but delicious breakfast. The breakfast tacos and breakfast sandwiches are great, though only two tacos might not be enough to fill you up.

The scenery is quaint and definitely local themed. The porch is nice if the weather is suitable. The staff was entirely friendly and helpful with suggestions.

Also, if you are waiting, there is complimentary flavored water. A nice touch, and delicious as well.




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