Specialty Dogz

All dogz are 1/4 pound “Hebrew National” Kosher Beef
Served with your choice of kettle chips, slaw, fresh fruit or potato salad

Happy Fatz Dog- $9

tomato, onion, bacon, cheddar, dill pickle, yellow mustard, Happy Fatz seasoning

Texas Chili- $9


homemade Shiner Bock chili, onions, melted cheddar, fritos

Barron Van-Ratchit- $8.50


Happy Fatz sauerkraut, spicy mustard, crunchy pretzel topping on soft pretzel bun

Al Capone (Chicago style)- $8.50


fresh onion, tomato, dill pickle, relish, sport pepper, yellow mustard, celery salt on poppy seed bun

Philly Dog- $9


grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, and melted provolone cheese

Slaw Dog Millionaire- $8.50


Coleslaw, bacon, red cabbage, celery salt

The Clucker- $9


hash browns, grilled onions, bacon, fried egg cooked over easy, secret “clucker” sauce

St. Louis- $9


Happy Fatz special baked beans, bacon, grilled onions, basil garlic mayo

Perro De Mexico- $9


Happy Fatz special Charro beans, sour cream, spicy avocado sauce, fresh pico de gallo, cilantro, queso fresco, salsa verde, rolled in a tortilla

Lotus Blossom- $8.50

fresh spinach, red cabbage, Happy Fatz white cheddar pimento cheese on a jalapeno bun.

Ricky Ricardo- $9

Panini style hot dog with ham, provolone, dill pickle, honey Dijon mustard

The Godfather- $9


Panini style hot dog with roasted red pepper, purple onion, pepperoni, provolone, olive tampenade

Build Your Own- $7

Create your own hot dog masterpiece by choosing your bun, your sauce and up to 3 standard toppings (premium toppings a little extra) and your choice of side


  • mustard, spicy mustard, ketchup, mayo, clucker sauce, horsey mayo, honey dijon mustard, salsa verde, basil-garlic, sour cream


  • onions, grilled onions, green peppers, grilled peppers, jalapeno, sport peppers, tomato, dill pickle, relish, spinach, red cabbage


  • avocado, chili, bacon, fried egg, slaw, pepperoni, hash browns, pico de gallo, charro beans, baked beans, sauerkraut, olive tapenade


  • american, cheddar, provolone, queso fresco, white cheddar pimento, feta

Kids Combo Meals- $5… All kids meals come with choice of side and a mini cupcake or cake ball

*Jr size Hebrew National, choice of topping and sauce

*Grilled cheese