Happy Fatz

Gourmet Hotdogs  & Homemade Dessert Bakery

Monday Closed (catering/private parties still available)

Tuesday-Thursday 8am-9pm* Friday & Saturday 8am–10pm * Sunday 8am- 9pm

3510 White Oak Drive Houston, TX 77007

Phone (713) 426-3554 Fax (713) 426-3530

Call ahead for to go orders


I am loving this place more and more!
To start, they have a daily infused water. I have seen citrus, lemon pear, and vanilla. A refreshing and nice touch. They serve Katz’s coffee and several kinds of tea.
The desserts are incredible, especially the giant cake slices. I recommend the wedding cake and carrot cake. Nothing makes grading tests and papers easier than their treats.
I have tried several of their hot dogs and they were all great. Their flavor combinations are unique, the buns are fluffy and fresh, and the dog itself is tender.


I ate here last night with my husband and it was simply awesome.  It has everything I could want.  Indoor and outdoor seating.  Great ambiance.  Amazing a friendly staff, including talking to the owners and chefs.  The food is comfort food, period.  My husband and I split two dogs – The Clucker and Baron Van Ratch It. They were both delicious.  The sauerkraut on the Baron Van Ratch It was out of this world!  We ordered water – because it’s free – but their water was flavored with cucumbers and oranges.  Delicious!  We will come here often.

Adina M.
Houston, TX


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